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4-Day School Calendar

4 day school calendar

The growing concerns that go along with not being able to find enough teaching candidates has led the Safford Unified School District to discuss and consider how to recruit and retain fully certified teachers.  One path that more and more schools are taking is moving to a 4-day school week.   This includes schools in Graham County.  Our city, county and some private businesses have moved to a longer-day, 4-day work week.  Staff work longer hours on 4 of the days and get the benefit of another day off in the week.

After 3 board meetings and many discussions, the SUSD Governing Board voted 3-2 to make the change.  With a very limited number of substitute teachers available and a very small number of certified teacher applicants, SUSD is using the 4-day school week as a staff recruiting and retention tool.  We want certified teachers in our classrooms.

Here is a link showing what next year’s calendar will look like.  We will gain Friday’s instructional hours back by students going an additional hour each day Monday-Thursday.  The school schedules will look very similar to what’s below based on instructional minute needs and graduation requirements.

24-25 school schedule