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Gear Up Resources


EAC GEAR UP Welcome Letter

Remind Texting
Please follow directions on the download provided to subscribe to remind. Remind is a messaging tool that helps EAC GU staff share important with 8th grade cohort parent/guardian group.

SHS Summer School Reimbursement Application
GEAR UP reimbursement application for GEAR UP students who need credit recovery and are attending SHS summer school.


Curriculum Framework
This curriculum framework is a valuable tool designed to guide students through the college and career preparation process. This framework includes the following elements: A. Career Fields B. Career Clusters C. Programs of Study D. Education and Career Action Plans (ECAP) E. Student Assessments F. Extended Learning Opportunities

Fall 17-18 Newsletter

Fall 16-17 Newsletter

Fall 15-16 Newsletter


Student Volunteer_Community Service Documentation Sheet
Documentation sheet to help students track services with adult sign off for verification.

Volunteer Guidelines
Guidelines for parents/guardians assisting staff and students at school or on trips.


ACT Aspire English
ACT Aspire English practice testing information.

ACT Aspire Math
ACT Aspire Math Practice Test Questions.

ACT Aspire Reading
ACT Aspire Reading questions.

ACT Aspire Science
ACT Aspire Science practice testing information and questions.

ACT Aspire Writing
Act Aspire writing practice test information and questions.

ACT Prep Guide
General testing tips for ACT students can read to prepare for the ACT testing.

Calculator Usage for Test
Guidelines for calculator usage on the ACT Aspire (math test only).

Test Prep Links

SAT/ACT prep program free of charge.

EAC Placement Test - Accuplacer
Site to help students prepare for the EAC placement test - Accuplacer.

Tutoring Links

Khan Academy
Free online tutoring program 24/7.
Tutoring 24/7 online with a real person. Fee's apply for this site.

Study Island
Study Island offers rigorous content built from Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards and K-12 Academic Standards to prepare students for the AzMERIT exams. Fee's associated with this site.